"Rarely does electronic music this busy and meticulous sound like it was put together with a soldering iron. - The Quietus "

Released 2017 by Conditional

Diverted Units

"Its immediately apparent that rather than being a dry academic chin-stroking sonic art affair or pure nihilistic power electronics record, ‘Diverted Units’ is a celebration of the power and sheer force of high impact sound and its effect on both mind and body" - Norman records

Released 2016 by Holodisc

Sthlm Drone Society vol I : Maria w Horn & Mats Erlandsson

A series of generative music originally presented inside the Mimer mining facility by Sthlm Drone Society. This first edition features pieces by Maria W Horn and Mats Erlandsson. released October 6, 2016

Released 2016 by XKatedral

Maria W Horn. Magenta & Insect Ark. Long Arms

On this split EP, Maria W Horn and Insect Ark meet threading tensions of synthetic doom, engrossed in swathes of synths and dark riffs pinned with drudging weight.

Released 2016 by Xkatedral

Hästköttskandalen – Spacegirls (LP)

"String instruments are plucked, scraped, played with objects, fed through electronics and it seems that all of this is done at the same time. An excellent record, me thinks, of minimally changing yet massive fields of sound." - Vital weekly

Released 2014 by Fylkingen Records


HQ Tape series vol. 9
Released by Ominous Recordings