Alternating Currents is an intermedial electricity concert choreographed and performed by Maria W Horn, Stina Nyberg and a frequency-controllable Tesla coil. The concert is one part of a long-term obsession with the inventor Nikola Tesla and the early 1900’s phenomena of touring electricity shows. Through flashing lightning bolts, the Tesla coil creates a sound which resembles distorted trance synths threading piercing melodies through ozone-filled air. In combination with dialogues reflecting on science, magic and electrocution, the concert creates a womb-like atmospheres with the lingering threat of bodily harm.


Epistasis is a new piece for string quartet and tape, comissioned by Konstmusiksystrar in 2017. The piece will be premiered by Malvakvartetten on the 20th of april 2018 at Konserthuset in Stockholm. Epistasis is a string quartet in eight voices, where the acoustic performance is doubled using recordings of the Malva Quartet played back live as an electronic tape stem. Through amplification techniques the string spectra are enhanced and slightly distorted. Epistasis focuses on evolving progressions in F minor, the idiom being inspired by the sound and harmonic structure of doom and black metal music.

for multichannel loudspeakers and lights

Interlocked cycles is an audiovisual piece in eight voices of synchronised sound and lights. The audio is generated within the Supercollider framework using phase modulation synthesis. Using linear progressions of density and tempi, the compositional process explores a gradual acceleration in aural and optical patterns.


Thunderstruck is an intermedial electricity show choreographed and performed by Stina Nyberg, with music composed by Maria w Horn. The composition process included working with a frequency-controllable Tesla coil; an electrical resonant transformer circuit used to produce high-voltage, low-current, high frequency alternating-current electricity, originally invented by Nicola Tesla.
Thunderstruck departs from the 19th century phenomena of touring electricity shows. At a time when electricity was still a scientific novelty it was displayed in public performances as acts of magic. Today, an heir to the electricity magic show is the Tesla coil performance, making use of the spectacular sound and light effects the coil produces.

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Ljudskogen is an interactive installation commissioned by the Swedish Museum of Performing Arts.
It was constructed in collaboration with the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and I was invited to work on the audiovisual composition. The installation consists of five interactive synthetic strings which form an audiovisual installation that also serves as an instrument. The audio design consists of live-generated audio synthesis using motion-data from the plucked strings to trigger sound. Each string has a selection of frequencies that are all multiples of the same fundamental tone. Each time the string is plucked a randomly chosen frequency from the selection is triggered. Thereby the sound in the room always consists of a five note chord derived from the same fundamental that changes character whenever new multiples are triggered.
The instrument consists of a custom built phase synthesis patch tuned in just intonation developed using the SuperCollider programming language/synthesis engine. The degree of modulation, ADSR, feedback as well as several other parameters are affected by the the incoming interactive data. In the floor beneath each string are vibrating subsonic plates that adds haptic feedback from the instrument. The LED lights are designed to follow the sound and reinforce the strings current state.


Deserted but not uninhabited is an audiovisual composition commissioned by the Swedish Radio for Arts Birthday party 2016. The musical structure is built as a palindrome, exploring the auditory illusions of decaying shephard tones, bowed piano strings and trance gates. The piece is inspired by past visions of human colonization of space, visualized on early Super-8 science fiction movies like Cat Woman of the Moon, Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women, queen of outer space. By manipulating the video in different ways, from physical manipulation of analogue tape to digitalization and processed by modern video editing tools, the very grit and artifacts makes visible a historic lineage of technological evolution.


CD-R / Cyanine is a 8 channel audiovisual piece commissioned by Audiorama, Stockholm in 2015.


Diverted Units Is a serie of audiovisual pieces sculpted out of the crudest building blocks of electronic music; White noise and sinewaves. Hard, quantified units are linked together with pulsating timbres forming a sharp sequence of pieces. The series was finalized 2011 and released by sthlm/london label Holodisc 2016.


Music for Grand Piano and live electronics. It was premiered at Fylkingen 2013 by Lisa Ullén.


Music for disklavier and electronics